Our Priorities

Health-Care Priorities

Health promotion and disease prevention are at the core of all our programmes. While we deal with all aspects of adult health, we have focused on Cardiovascular Disease and Diabetes, given the high prevalence of ailments such as Hypertension, Diabetes and Heart Failure in our midst. We seek to arm the clients with knowledge and also with the right medication when necessary, so as to maintain or recover from illness. The cornerstone of therapy is information and lifestyle changes.

With this objective in mind we have sought to have an effective one-stop-shop for our clients. We intend to raise the bar in medical care wherever we establish ourselves, for the benefit of our clientele.

At each service point, The International Clinic focuses on providing services that are needed and wanted by the community. It also aims to ensure a quality of care that significantly raises local standards. Measures taken to improve quality include awareness training, clinical governance, organizational enhancement, evidence-based practice, and continuing education of nurses, doctors and other healthcare workers.


The International Clinic has harnessed information technology to the utmost by integrating an innovative health management system for all our clinical and administrative affairs. We are thus pioneers of change in being a paperless clinic. This has led to increased efficiency in handling our clients, not to mention the benefits in accounting. Previous patient notes and any pertinent documents brought by the patient are scanned and attached to the soft file of the patient. This puts order in our records and allows easy access at the touch of a button.

The data is synchronized on a daily basis to a secure central server, ensuring safety of data. It can also be accessed (via password) on the mobile phone or iPad/Tablet in case of emergency hospital admissions when patient information or data are required urgently by us.

Medical Research

The adoption of ICT at The International Clinic has seen us join the league of top class medical centres which recognize the benefits of Electronic Medical Records, both to improve management of patient information and also to facilitate clinical research in medical practice. We realize the importance of medical research, which is based on collection and integration of data from the populace. Local data is the foundation of more elaborate clinical trials.