Medical Consultation and Cardiology

We at The International Clinic believe in health promotion. We advocate for healthy lifestyles, including proper diet, regular aerobic exercise, and regular, timely checkups with one’s doctor. International standards dictate that from the age of 35 yrs one should visit one’s doctor at least once every two years. From the age of 40 yrs one should visit at least once every year. That way medical conditions can be caught early and treated. The visits should then be as frequent as warranted by the medical condition.

The founder having specialized in Internal Medicine and Cardiology has been able to offer important service to numerous clients in these fields.

The variety of medical cases handled at The International Clinic is very wide, from simple aches and infections to complex conditions. Some of these are illnesses of the cardiovascular system. Again, many illnesses and infections end up affecting the heart in one way or another.

The International Clinic therefore is able to handle these cases to the best of international standards.