Diabetes Counseling – Diabetes Club

Our staff is trained to the highest standards. Indeed our nurses are also trained specifically in diabetes management and are well-equipped with the knowledge, skills and tools to advise on the care of diabetic patients.

Given the high prevalence of diabetes, we have sought to provide a needed service in the community, namely more information and better treatment. We thus ensured appropriate training of our diabetes nursing staff by Elly Lilly, a powerhouse in Diabetes research and medication. Following that training we promptly instituted the Diabetes Club. This involves individual counseling to patients with diabetes, and also group sessions on Saturdays.

We have observed that regular and close follow-up of diabetic patients helps them to attain high health-related quality of life (HRQOL). So much so that their risk of illness may even become less than that of non-diabetics who do not have such regular medical checkups.