Medical Tourism

The International Clinic is a multilingual medical clinic and through the efforts of the CEO we see clients in English, French and Spanish. We recognize the importance of clients being able to express themselves well so that they are understood and also so that they can feel understood. These are important factors in the healing process.

Moreover, Kenya has a growing number of well-trained medical specialists, some of international acclaim. Many of them form part of our panel of referral doctors. We have made available this panel in the form of a website:

This website is proving to be revolutionary in promoting the embracing of ICT by medical specialists, with the benefits being passed on the public at large. Many of our partners are adopting ICT in their practices and are realizing the benefits that come with it.

Our clients too can have access to the site when in search of particular specialists or medical advice. We aim to promote our own doctors and medical facilities in Kenya, beginning from within the region of East and Central Africa.